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    One-on-One Personal Training

    Staci will help you create a workout program based on your specific fitness and/or weight loss goals. Pre-existing health or physical conditions should not be a deterrent – your unique program will be designed to safely meet your goals. Each custom program will be based on a free fitness assessment and physical readiness questionnaire that will help formulate a customized plan for your success.

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    Small Group Fitness Training

    This training option allows between 2-6 individuals to workout with the benefit of a personal trainer at an economical rate. You will receive expert instruction with the support and accountability you need to reach your fitness goals. We offer fun, results-oriented workouts that combine resistance training, plyometrics, core training, as well as functional and flexibility training.

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    Space limited to 6 people per session. Must sign up before the session.
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    At the Fiori Fitness training facility, you will experience health and fitness under the beautiful redwood trees of Santa Rosa. This private facility is located in a spacious 1200-squre-foot indoor/outdoor building equipped with innovative training equipment that will safely help you get into shape.

    Address: Montecito Ave, 95404
    Parking: Spaces available at location

    Frequently Asked Question

    What are the benefits of having personal trainer?

    We provide you with the equipment, accountability and motivation you need to meet your goals. There is no need to make excuses - no gym membership is required. You can train in our fitness studio by yourself or with a friend or partner!

    Plus we have some great fitness classes with all the benefits of a personal trainer in a fun group environment.

    What about nutritional information?

    Nutrition will be discussed with every client that works with Fiori Fitness. Your body needs the right amount of calories, proteins and carbohydrates to property stimulate your body. Once you learn about properly fueling your body, you will be on your way to your health and fitness goals!

    We work closely with a Crysta Caprio, a local registered dietitian to meet all of your Nutritional needs. Check out her website at firsttastenutrition.com.

    How long is each private session?

    Each standard personal training session is 45 minutes. It is recommended that you warm up prior to your workout session so you are ready to work out when the trainer arrives.

    What should I expect from my first training session?

    Your first session will include taking your weight, measurements and body fat percentage. We will discuss and set your short and long term goals and begin your workout.

    Can I train for a specific event?

    Absolutely. Your goals will be set by you. If you have an event you are training for such as a marathon, or triathlon, or if you are planning a wedding and have weight loss goals, we will challenge you to meet (and hopefully exceed) your goals.

    What should I wear?

    Please wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. Women will want to wear a sports bra. You will be active during your workouts. Remember to bring water.

    What kind of payments do you accept?

    The preferred form of payment is Visa or Mastercard. Cash and personal checks are also accepted. Sorry but we are currently not accepting PayPal.

    Still have questions?

    Contact us via phone or email for more information.